Tiledesk Widget to converse with Dialogflow

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widget to converse with dialogflow

Tiledesk is made of “tiles”, reusable components that a developer can use with or without the Tiledesk platform.

The Dialogflow Web Widget Proxy tile is a Nodejs + Web Widget application providing a floating chat in your website directly connect to Dialogflow.

This option is very useful if you are building a Dialogflow chatbot-only solution with no need of humans-handoff capabilities or other amazing stuff that Tiledesk provides out of the box.

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Preset the Widget on a specific Department

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Departments are very useful to separate support actions into “domains” of competences.

This domains can be served by humans, chatbots or can be served in a hybrid fashion, mixing chatbots with humans handoff.

Tiledesk has a very easy way to handle departments.

Just go into the Departments section, create your own departments, configure these departments to be served by chatbots, humans or hybrid way:

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