Generate a Service Account file for Dialogflow

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Hi Tiledesk developers!

We just released a new tutorial, very specific to Dialogflow, that allows you to easily generate a Google Credentials file (corresponding to a Dialogflow Service Account). With this file on hands you can connect your Client component (ex. web apps, web proxies, native apps etc.) directly to Dialogflow using Dialogflow Client APIs.

This tutorial is also really important to connect many Tiledesk’s components, like chatbots web proxies, to Dialogflow engine, keeping a seamless integration between human agents and Dialogflow’s automated agents (your chatbots).

The tutorial is available as an official Tiledesk document and you can find it in documents section of the website, in the Tutorials subsection.

Your feedback is always welcome and really appreciated. Use email to send us your opinions.


We have a new technical staff member. Yes, he is a chatbot

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Techy is Tiledesk’s technical staff bot and he will be very happy to reply to your questions!

What Techy does is mitigating simple questions about Tiledesk features, relieving our engineers from common questions about our platform, so they save time that be invested in developing new stunning features!

Try ask Techy something about what Tiledesk is and why it is the best solution for you chatbot-humans integration.

Meet Techy on Tiledesk home page

Techy is an external chatbot, built on top of Dialogflow, that we developed to better test our new external chatbot APIs. We’ll release a tutorial in the next few days to show you how we developed the new Tiledesk homepage chatbots integration and switch strategies to human agents.

Full source code will be released with the tutorial and will be available on Github, so you will test by yourself our chatbot integration features.

Meanwhile take a tour on the home page and try asking Techy some good questions about Tiledesk new features!

New Chatbot integration tutorial is out!

With Tiledesk you can connect seamlessly your human-Agents, End-users and Chatbots. With just few lines of code.

We just released a series of tutorials to discover how flexible and powerful are Tiledesk’s new chatbot APIs. Just start with our Hello World tutorial!