Tiledesk Activity Log

activity log

In the effort of providing the best possible “enterprise experience” we are releasing a bunch of add-ons and tools that Site’s Managers can use to improve the quality of provided support and monitoring live chat resource consuming.

This month we just released the Activity Log, a control panel, reach of features, where you can monitor your teammates activities.

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Tiledesk for Unisalento

As a leading University in the South of Italy, Unisalento (https://studenti.unisalento.it) realized the importance of contact with students in real time.

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New “Export” feature

We finally added the new “export to CSV” feature that you can use to export Tiledesk’s data.

This feature is very useful if you want to post-process Tiledesk’s data into your favourite business analytics platform.

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Google Tag Manager: add Tiledesk to your sites

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google tag manager tiledesk

Google Tag Manager will allow you to add Tiledesk to your website, without the need to edit your website’s source code.

Do that with just a few mouse-clicks!

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The new bots? Stupid but productive!

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productive chat bot tiledesk

What is the lesson we all learned during this years of so much buzz around AI and bots? Simply, if you give to humans an “intelligent” bot they will play with him only trying to see if he is really so smart.

As TechCrunch suggested in 2016, “Chatbots that try to do too much usually fail”. This is why the big “bot revolution” failed in the short term. Facebook M has been a disillusionment and it is a closed experiment. The reason for this failure is that companies were focused on the wrong thing: They were building intelligent bots instead of productive bots.

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iPhone & Android Apps on the stores!

tiledesk iphone android app

Stay in touch with your customers even when you’re on the go!

Either apps were created from scratch, using the Chat21 framework to ensure the best performance and the state-of-the-art user experience.

With the new iPhone/iPad/Android Tiledesk Apps you will continue to receive notifications and  chat with your customers directly from your smartphone.

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